Review: Domino’s Pizza (Delivery)

Domino’s Pizza Store 6752

3812B S Staples

Corpus Christi, TX 78412

(361) 814-4040

Hours:  Sun -Thurs 11:00 am – 12:00 am

Fri – Sat 11:00 am – 1:00 am

Domino’s Pizza is my family’s current favorite for delivery pizza and has been for about six months or so now, beating out the previous favorite, Papa John’s Pizza.  It’s been my general experience that most fast food style delivery pizza is pretty much all created equal, and one being preferred over another has more to do with coupons and small variations in flavor than anything really different.  The other difference being the service that individual locations provide.  In the past I have stopped ordering entire brands of pizza after receiving abysmal service from the location that was servicing the area in which I resided (I’m looking at you Papa John’s Pizza Store #2249 in Flour Bluff).  The ongoing upgrade and some new products introduced by Domino’s recently have pulled things in Domino’s favor, at least as far as trying things out.

The order consisted of three pizzas, an Ultimate Pepperoni Feast, an ExtravaganZZa Feast add tomatoes no pepperoni, and a custom pizza with Italian sausage, cheddar cheese and hot sauce, plus a baked Italian sandwich and an order of Parmesan Bread Bites.  The order was placed through Domino’s website, which I find easy to use and quite convenient.  After a few minutes of the usual family type conversation regarding what should or shouldn’t be ordered and what everyone personally liked, the order was done and paid for.  Domino’s then provides a tracker for those that are interested in what stage their order is in.  It’s a nice gimmick and I’ve kept an eye on it a couple of times, but there’s no real way to know if it accurately reflects the status of the order.  I will say in the past when it has reached the out for delivery stage, it has been a matter of few minutes from that time to the time it was actually at my door.  Perhaps in the future they might add a webcam to the site so that people can see the work taking place.  Just a thought.  As far as service goes on a delivery order though, it arrived in a reasonable amount of time, still very hot and in great shape.  The driver was friendly and the transaction was done quickly and professionally.

As for the food, I tried a bit of everything, just to be able to give at least a competent review of each item, without judging by personal preference as to toppings, since everyone has their own favorites.  The Italian sandwich I enjoyed.  It is part of their oven baked sandwich line is comprised of pepperoni, salami, ham, banana peppers, green peppers, onions and provolone, on their baguette style bread, which is coated with a butter flavored oil of some kind.  Taste wise, I think it’s worthwhile, but I was disappointed with the size of the sandwich, especially considering the price.  It definitely isn’t going to fill you up for dinner, but makes a decent lunch.  Should probably be either larger or a buck less.  Next I tried out the Parmesan Bread Bites.  I say tried out, but I’ve had them before and truth is I love those things.  These were no exception.  I think these are a large part of why Domino’s has become the pizza place of choice for delivery recently.  They are basically bread stick dough, cut into small pieces and coated with butter flavored oil and Parmesan cheese.  Highly recommended.

In the past I’ve never been a fan of Domino’s pizza.  I generally regarded it as tasting like greasy cardboard with subpar sauce and ingredients.  The commercials about how they were upgrading their service and ingredients didn’t convince me that anything had changed.  I clearly remembered the same thing from Pizza Hut a few years ago and largely consider their supposed “upgrade” to be decided worse than the ingredients they “upgraded” from.  I was wrong when it comes to Domino’s though.  Their changes have been largely positive.  The Ultimate Pepperoni Feast was a good pepperoni pizza.  It’s my little girl’s favorite, and gets the baby seal of approval.  It really isn’t anything special as far as being ultimate or a feast, it’s just a good, tasty pepperoni pizza.  The regular crust is well seasoned and has a nice texture that isn’t too tough, but is just the right mix of crisp and chewy and the sauce, while a touch on the bland side for me, doesn’t commit any major sins.  It’s a competent pizza sauce and one I prefer to the other major chains.

The ExtravaganZZa Feast was pretty much a standard everything on it type pizza.  While not my favorite style, it was well done.  It was heavy with toppings and utilized the same pizza sauce as the pepperoni pizza had.  I found it to be especially satisfying as cold pizza for breakfast the next morning.  Finally, I got down to my actual dinner, the pizza I had ordered for myself, the Italian sausage with cheddar cheese and hot sauce.  Yes, I know it’s not something everyone is going to run out and try, but it is my current favorite.  Instead of the standard pizza sauce, I get the marinara sauce that is offered, extra toppings and hot sauce all the way around.  Truthfully, the hot sauce isn’t all that spicy.  Actually it’s not spicy at all, but when combined with everything else it makes what is right now the perfect pizza for me, from a major chain.

The final report on this day was that I can easily recommend at least trying the new Domino’s Pizza at least once to see how it strikes you personally.  I have really enjoyed their food recently, especially the Parmesan Bread Bites, and outside of the sandwich being overpriced and a bit on the smallish side, I’ve found the pizza to be good for a chain place, perhaps the best out of the big three here, the other two being Papa John’s and Pizza Hut.  My little one loves the Ultimate Pepperoni Feast and give it her baby approved rating.  So even if Domino’s hasn’t been your favorite in the past, if it’s been a while, it is definitely worth trying out again.

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