Fast Food Feature: Taco Bell Fiery Doritos Locos Taco


The new Taco Bell Fiery Doritos Locos taco has been on my radar for a little while recently after I saw one of the commercials for it, and while my overall opinion of the first two tacos in the series is hit or miss (thought the original unimpressive and overly salty, even by Taco Bell standards, but enjoyed the second, ranch style one) I always keep an open mind when it comes to something that sounds good and is potentially at least a little spicy.  Besides, Taco Bell is admittedly one of my favorite fast food places and I always look forward to trying their new specialty items.   Now that full disclosure is completed… 

For those of you that are not yet familiar, the new Fiery Doritos Locos taco is a supreme style taco (ie. it has sour cream on it) in a crispy tortilla shell flavored like the regional chile limon Doritos flavor (I do live in that region and have tried them.   They are ok, but nothing special).   Taco Bell describes it as follows:

“A Taco Supreme® made with premium seasoned beef, crisp lettuce, diced juicy red ripe tomatoes, real cheddar cheese and topped with cool reduced-fat sour cream, in a shell inspired from a regional spicy Doritos® Chip seasoned with spices and lime. “

To get right to the point, for me this new entry in the series falls right in the middle.   I like it more than the original nacho (salt) flavored one, but less than the ranch flavored one.   My main issues with it are that like the previous two, the actual shell is nothing like a Dorito chip in texture or consistency, and specifically to this iteration, it just isn’t spicy.   There’s just nothing “Fiery” about it.   It does, however, have the strong taste of lime about it, too much in my opinion.   It probably would be fine if it actually was spicier, but lacking that it’s somewhat of a disappointment.  

So, while it wasn’t all I hoped for, the Fiery Doritos Locos taco from Taco Bell isn’t a complete failure either.   It isn’t something I’ll order every time I go to Taco Bell, but it is something I’ll be revisiting at some point in the future.

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