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Glaceau Smartwater Review

SmartWaterDate Purchased:  January 3, 2015

Place Purchased:  Stripes

Purchase Price:  $2.20

I’ve always had a kind of love-hate relationship with bottled water, especially the higher price varieties.  It’s not that I consider them bad products in and of themselves, but I know too much to be comfortable with the way they are labeled and marketed.  For instance, the one bottled in my home town, Everest.  Yes, it brings to mind the name sake mountain and so forth, but it is bottled from the municipal water supply of my hometown, Corpus Christi, Texas, a couple of hours north of Mexico and not a mountain in sight.  Not to mention the water out of that municipal system is nothing special.

So having said that, I don’t know how much truth goes on label-wise, or if any of the long winded story about how it created is actually true, I do like the Glaceau Smartwater product put forth by the Cocoa Cola Company.  I like the mouth feel and taste of the water over most other water products I’ve tried, although I do think it is wildly overpriced.  I consider it one of my top three bottled waters and thus recommend it if you can get past the price.